Discover our new ABM 30

Meet the smallest gyro mapping tool in the world! The ABM-30 is the latest addition to the Reduct mapping system family. Built on the back of Reduct’s tried and tested MEMS based technology, this groundbreaking device trade size ducts DN40 and 1¼”, regardless of their SDR rating.

Our solutions.

  • Small data cable ducts
  • Small power cable ducts
  • House connections
  • HDD Mapping
  • Medium data cable ducts
  • Medium power cable ducts
  • House connections
  • HDD Mapping
  • Medium sized pipes/ducts
  • Tight bend ducts
  • Flat Floor Profiling
  • Large data cable ducts
  • Medium/Large utility pipes
  • HDD mapping
  • Small/Medium wastewater pipes
  • Small/Medium stormwater pipes
  • Existing poor condition utility pipes
  • Large wastewater pipes
  • Large stormwater pipes

Take no risk, get it mapped.

Underground space for utilities and other assets is rapidly becoming a scare commodity. As the number of installations and excavations increases, so does the risk of damage to existing infrastructure. Obtaining accurate geospatial data of existing and new subsurface utilities is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it is rapidly becoming a ‘must have’ to minimize damage risk, thus optimizing uninterrupted service delivery to your customers.

But Reduct’s mapping solutions provide more than just XYZ data for your GIS platform. The high frequency logging rate enables accurate measurement of the bend radius along a segment of a pipe or duct. Cumulative bend radius or undulation information is critical for verifying design specifications or for calculating pulling or blowing tension of data or power cables during installation.

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