Gyro-mapping solutions for Trenchless Installations

If you want to ensure your trenchless installation as-built has the highest possible accuracy, gyro-mapping is the most reliable method to do so. By providing objective and precise 3D as-built data, the sensory output enables the verification of agreed upon specifications, including XYZ location of the installation, bend radius, and inclination grade. High-frequency logging yields an unsurpassed level of detail that is particularly crucial for hazardous and pressurized utilities, such as power, chemicals, oil, and gas.

3D As-built map

Detailed Bend radius and undulation data

Detailed Inclination grade assessment

As-built map

The as-built is a 3D representation of your asset, and by adding location of the start and end point of the measurement in any coordinate system you can pinpoint the accurate location of your pipeline asset at any point along the way. This significantly increases the long-term safety of your asset and anyone working in its vicinity. The Reduct software is open platform and output s directly compatible with all major GIS platforms.


Detailed Bend radius

High-frequency logging means that a highly accurate bend radius profile can be calculated . This in turn can be used to verify whether the pipeline has been constructed in accordance with the tender specifications.  Our data gives network build engineers a new level of insight into the build and installation quality.


Detailed Inclination grade assessment

High resolution also provides the smallest changes in inclination in a, for example, a gravity sewer. Standard output compares the measurement results against new-build grade specifications or any known tolerance classifications. Inclination data taken over an extended period can also identify localized movements in a pipe.

Mapping products for Trenchless Installations

Our products are designed to map any pipeline starting from 29mm or 1.1″

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Discover what our utility mapping solutions can do for you on the field.

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Bend radius verification case study thumbnail

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