Telecom duct mapping solutions

Reduct’s high frequency & accurate mapping technology provides solutions for the biggest challenges the Telecom industry faces, such as poor quality legacy XYZ data and damage-free installation of expensive high fiber-count 5G cables in new and existing ducts.

3D As-built map

3D XYZ Visualization

Bend radius and undulation data

Accurate length of duct

As-built maps

An accurate, independently obtained as-built map is an essential part of the hand-over process between utility owner and the new-built contractor, maintenance contractor or dark duct seller. High accuracy as-built data significantly reduces potential future damage, as 3rd party contractors working in the vicinity of your asset can steer clear.


3D XYZ visualization – compatible with most common GIS/AR platforms

The standard data output of our mapping solutions directly compatible with most common Geographic Information Systems, Augmented Reality solutions, and platforms such as Google Earth.


Bend radius and Undulation analysis

High-frequency mapping is the only way to obtain accurate bend radius and undulation data. The bend radius data generated by Reduct’s solutions in combination with the 3D profile of the pipe can be used to estimate the sidewall pressure and cable pulling tension, both critical data to consider before installing costly 5G data cables.


Accurate length of duct

Ordering excess length cable to accommodate the uncertain segment length is a common, but expensive practice. Ordering too short is also an expensive option since splicing a data cable to extend it is undesirable and complicated work. Our solutions provide the accurate segment lengths , thus further optimizing the cable installation process.

Telecom duct mapping products

Our products are designed to map any duc starting from 29mm or 1.1″

Interested in our case studies?

Discover what our utility mapping solutions can do for you on the field.

Bend radius verification case study thumbnail
Mapping entire HDD bundle case study thumbnail
Straight-line HDD as-built data case study thumbnail

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