New! Inclination Assessment Module

The core of Reduct’s development has always been mapping underground utility assets with precision.

Our high frequency recording (100Hz) of changes in heading, pitch, roll, and acceleration opens the door for more complex calculations such as bend radius and our new inclination grade assessment.


Our new inclination grade assessment facilitates flow management like never before.

It enables you to set the minimum inclination tolerance agreed in a new build installation or choose a pre-defined tolerance class defined by sector specific organizations.

By doing so, the software will highlight the areas in the segment where the tolerance is exceeded, and where clogs are more likely to happen.

High frequency inclination data is essential input for optimizing your sewer management program. Whether for updating legacy inclination information or as verification for new-built installation quality, the value of high-frequency data benefits Build and Maintenance Engineers as well as GIS, Flow, and Integrity Managers within the utility organization.

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