ABM-90 / DR-4 with invert wheel sets

When lateral connections or poor interior condition force you to ‘stay low’.

The ABM-90 and DR-4 mapping systems are the most versatile probes in the range. Fitted with exchangeable invert wheelsets ducts and pipes  with an ID range of 90mm to 1000mm (3.5” to 40”) can be mapped efficiently.

Physically identical, the ABM-90 is equipped with MEMS technology and is suitable to map 300m (1000”) lengths between waypoints. The DR-4 is equipped with Fibre Optic Gyro technology and can map unlimited lengths with a recommended waypoint spacing of 1500m (5000’).

Compact design for tight spaces

No aboveground tracing required

Highly accurate inclination data.

Key Operating Features

High resolution inclination assessment.

Anomaly assessment in XYZ location, not length from start

Water resistant up to 5 bar / 75 psi

Data output compatible with all common
GIS platforms and visualization software.


Technical Specifications

Operating procedure

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