The DR-3 is often referred to as ‘the short DR-4’.
The DR-3 is suitable for pipe ID range 65mm to 115mm (2.6″ to 4.5″).

The DR-3 has proven to be the tool of choice for mapping electricity cable conduits which combine a mid-range diameter with tight factory bends.

The compact design and choice of materials has kept the weight of the probe down to just 1.5kg/3lb, making handling and operations very efficient and simple.

Minimum bend radius in:
Pipe ID75mm/3″) : 2.25m / 7.5ft
Pipe ID90mm/3.5″) : 1.55m / 5.1ft
Pipe ID115mm/4.5″) : 1.00m / 3.3ft

Unaffected by magnetic influences


Technical Specifications

Operating procedure

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