Designed for pulling equipment through pipes at a constant speed and pulling force

Electrical Winch DRW-560S

Reduct manufactures highly sophisticated utility mapping tools that, for lengths up to 1.500m/5.000’, are typically pulled through a pipe or duct. Optimal results are obtained when the mapping device is pulled at a constant speed of around 1 – 1,5m per / 3’-5’ per second.


The DRW-560S high speed winch is specifically designed to provide fully adjustable torque (0-120kg/250 lb pulling force) and variable speed (0-4m/sec, 0-12’/sec) to optimize the handling of Reduct mapping tools. Its modular design, compact size and low weights makes the DRW-560S winch the most powerful and efficient in its class.

Specially designed for Gyro-mapping

Precise speed and torque control

Compact and portable

Key Operating Features

  • Steel tube frame
  • Manual rope guide
  • Enforced ABS plastic spool
  • All weather axle bearings
  • 230V Lenze Servo motor / gear box
  • Water resistant control box


  • Torque level (continuous)
  • Speed lever (0-3m/s)
  • Emergency stop


Technical Specifications

Operating procedure

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