Gas pipeline mapping solutions

Gyro-mapping of gas pipes improves the efficacy of gas safety and damage prevention teams by providing the accurate 3D location, as-built and bend radius of the buried gas pipeline. This data is used by 3rd party contractors to avoid the mapped asset while digging and by utility engineers and architects to calculate stress levels on the bends of the pipeline.

3D As-built map

Detailed Bend radius and undulation data

3D XYZ Visualization

No downtime

As-built map

The as-built is a 3D representation of your pipeline, and by adding the start and end coordination’s of the measurement you can pinpoint the accurate location of your pipeline at any point withing your GIS platform. This increases the long term health of your pipeline and safety for every one that works in the vicinity.


Detailed Bend radius

Our high accurate bend radius data is used to verify if the pipeline has been constructed according to the specifications mentioned in the tender.  Bends that do not meet the  specifications have a higher chance of rupture.


3D profile op pipe

The data provided by our solutions can be visualized, and it is compatible with all common GIS  platforms.


No downtime

It is no longer necessary to put a gas pipeline out of commission in order to perform a gyroscopic mapping.  Our LGM-2 “ Live Gas Mapping Unit” can enter live gas pipelines through the  Directional Entry Tool that Jameson provides.

Gas Pipeline mapping products

Our products are designed to map any pipeline starting from 29mm or 1.1″

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