Live gas pipe mapper

Live gas pipeline mapping unit

Can you imagine a mapping probe entering a live 2” utility pipe through a standard vertical hot tap? Well, you no longer have to because Reduct’s Live Gas Mapper (LGM-2) is a ‘world’s first’ that does exactly that. Once inside the pipe, the LGM-2 captures accurate 3D XYZ As-built data, while simultaneously providing accurate bend radius information.

The ability to enter live gas pipes eliminates downtime during the mapping procedure, meaning there is no disruption in service to your customers.

This clever and innovative articulated probe is 320mm long and can map buried live gas pipes with an ID range of 50mm up to 100mm (2” to 4”). From a single hot tap entry point it can map a gas pipe up to 300 meters/1000’ length in each direction, thus capturing data and the geographical location of 600 meters/2000’ of live gas pipe.

Use the LGM-2 to obtain accurate as-built maps, calculate detailed bend radii and monitor subsidence of your pipelines over time. This data will increase its lifetime and safety, and reduce 3rd party damage risk.

Accurate and efficient

Designed for mapping 2″-4″ Live Gas Ducts

Up to 600m/2000” waypoint spacing

Key Operating Features

The LGM-2 is designed to connect to standard fiber push rods and it is compatible with most standard hot taps for 2”-4” pipes. Reduct recommends using the LGM-2 in combination with the Condux HTS 200 Operational Duct Rod Pusher Mechanism and the Jameson™ directional tool.

The LGM-2’s data output is compatible with all common GIS platforms and visualization software.

Curious how it works? The animation above summarizes the key operational procedures.

90° Hot tap entry

Not affected by electromagnetic influences

Data output compatible with all common
GIS platforms and visualization software.


Technical Specifications

Operating procedure

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