Andrés Jaramillo

New! As-Built Check Service. Some have called it the “ISO” of the as-built process
The most cost-effective way for utilities to ensure independent, consistent and accurate as-built data for trenched and trenchless network infrastructure.          …
Reduct Pipeline Mapping Systems adds EGW Utility Solutions to its ever-expanding distribution network. Press Release.
Schelle, Belgium / Carrollton, Texas (January 24, 2023) – Reduct NV, a leading developer and manufacturer of gyro-based pipeline mapping solutions, today announced it has…
Upcoming Events 2023
We are happy to announce that this year we will be part of multiple events around the world. This means, we might be in your…
New! Inclination Assessment Module

Gyro-mapping enables the measurement of the smallest changes in inclination in sewers 26/09/2022

Gyro mapping and Reduct NV’s Origin Story

After the internet bubble burst at the turn of the century, a large part of the world was left with 20/04/2022

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