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Technology evolves at an ever faster pace, and as a result the current cloud-enabled generation ABM and DR gyro mapping systems feature improved user experience, robustness, stability and accuracy compared to ‘older’ generations2).

To help you stay on the forefront of the gyro-mapping field, Reduct offers up to 25%1) discount when you trade in your old mapping system. Contact us to learn more about this limited-time offer!

Terms and conditions

 1)Terms: Reduct makes 50 new units available for this limited time trade-in offer. This is an ‘any for any’ offer. The 25% trade-in discount is calculated on the current price of the type of system traded in. A maximum of 25% discount is given on the new unit. Trade-in systems must be returned to Reduct in whole and do not necessarily have to work. Gyro mapping systems from other manufacturers are also accepted. In that case Reduct will base the discount on the nearest like-for-like Reduct mapping system. Winches are excluded from this offer. Offer expires June 30th, 2023.

2)Reduct recommends generation 4.1 to 4.4 (all pre-2018 ‘ethernet’ units) to upgrade to the latest generation.

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